Slideshows that not only make me hungry, but they inspire me

While searching for food-related photo slideshows for a Multimedia assignment, I realized that I should be doing this a lot more often. Not only because I can learn new recipes, but learn from the creativity of others.

I hope these slideshows inspire more than just me.

1. Essential Thanksgiving by Julia Moskin and Melissa Clark from The New York Times.

This photo slideshow, multimedia presentation includes more than just photos. Detailing different Thanksgiving recipes and different styles of making each dish, the slideshow also provides videos associated with each Thanksgiving favorite.

I think what makes this a journalistic piece is the way the authors gathered the information for each dish to figure out the best way to have a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I like how this was even written about in the first place because I know if this story interests me it will interests many others. The way they incorporate lots of multimedia aspects into the piece also keeps readers interested throughout the entire article.

I find the way they make cooking sound so fun inspiring. It makes me want to go out to the store and cook a five-course meal for me and my friends.

Now readers even though you may not be an excellent cook, this photo slideshow will make you want to try. Go have a delicious look.

2. A Soup Saved from the Cold by Ligaya Mishan and photos by Michael Nagle from The New York Times.

This photo slideshow shows the story of a restaurant in Brooklyn, N.Y. that  is one of the only Chinese restaurants to serve a sacred Yunnan Province dish called Guoqiao Mixian, or Crossing-the-Bridge Noodles. It shows the process of the dish and the people behind the dish.

This is journalistic writing because they went out in the the Big Apple and found a story in a small Chinese restaurant. I feel like journalism is all about making small, what seem like insignificant things, a story.

This piece is inspiring to me because it makes me want to go out and find a story in an unexpected place. It also inspires me to go out and talk to people to find that interesting story that’s not seen right away.

Do you think people if more people made the effort to go out and search for interesting stories that more people would take interest in soft news and features?

3. Sugar Love: A Not So Sweet Tale by Robert Clark with National Geographic.

This photo slideshow is about how people have grown to love sugar throughout the ages. Who doesn’t love that? Unfortunately, it also details the extreme unhealthy nature of sugar.

I think this has journalistic value because it’s telling the public something they need to know about their well-being and health.

I find this piece inspiring because first of all I love candy and second of all, it takes a new look into a different aspect of candy than someone would normally do. Everyone loves to talk about candy, but not everyone tells you the truth about it.

Eating on a light budget

College students, like myself, understand the struggle of buying food on a budget. Whether it be not getting a full paycheck one week or buying too many Free People clothes…college students are lacking on money.

I have recently come under hard times in the money department, so being creative with meals found in my cabinets is the only way I will survive until my next paycheck in a week. When opening my pantry, the sight I see is not very promising.


But I don’t give up. Lately I have been eating peanut butter and crackers, which gives me the protein I need, as well as benefitting the cheap factor my wallet needs. I have also survived on 18 eggs for two weeks. Scrambled eggs and a banana are my best friend in the morning.



For dinner, pasta is the key to success. A $1.09 bag of pasta from Walmart and a $3 jar of pasta sauce is a boring, yet filling meal. I’ve been living off a single bag of pasta and jar of pasta sauce for a week and a half. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Eating with a light budget can be really hard, but making sure you still eat and get the nourishment you need is important.

Although without my Tiger Card money, I would have been struggling and begging for food a lot more.

Where words meet the plate

Food. It gives you energy to take on the day,  can mend your broken heart and even bring people together. One of my favorite movies is Ratatouille. Yes it’s a disney movie, but the way the main character, Remy, describes food makes me want to experience food the same way he does.


All that being said, it’s no surprise food is the first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of a blog idea. I’ve never written a blog before, but I hope to give everyone who reads it a view into the best food in Auburn.


Although food is a general topic, I hope to focus my blog on what Auburn locals can find in their town. Look ahead for behind-the-scenes stories about local restaurants, comparisons of the various burger and barbecue places in Auburn and discovering hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall restaurants in town. I cannot think of a better way to spend my time than meeting new people, learning new things and eating everything in sight! I should probably come up with a workout plan now too, but I’ll worry about that later!

I hope you don’t just salivate over my food adventures, but go out and make your own culinary discoveries as well! I hope you enjoy what I create and consume!