Eating on a light budget

College students, like myself, understand the struggle of buying food on a budget. Whether it be not getting a full paycheck one week or buying too many Free People clothes…college students are lacking on money.

I have recently come under hard times in the money department, so being creative with meals found in my cabinets is the only way I will survive until my next paycheck in a week. When opening my pantry, the sight I see is not very promising.


But I don’t give up. Lately I have been eating peanut butter and crackers, which gives me the protein I need, as well as benefitting the cheap factor my wallet needs. I have also survived on 18 eggs for two weeks. Scrambled eggs and a banana are my best friend in the morning.



For dinner, pasta is the key to success. A $1.09 bag of pasta from Walmart and a $3 jar of pasta sauce is a boring, yet filling meal. I’ve been living off a single bag of pasta and jar of pasta sauce for a week and a half. Not too bad if I do say so myself.

Eating with a light budget can be really hard, but making sure you still eat and get the nourishment you need is important.

Although without my Tiger Card money, I would have been struggling and begging for food a lot more.

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