Video Story Critique

Hey guys!

I know it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything, but I hope you liked my Toomer’s Lemonade package I put together!

Here are three video story critiques that will reflect what I will be publishing in the near future! Take  a look and let me know what you think!

1. Metro Grill: Brunch by Darren Durlach

A. The use of sounds and images was great in this video. He showed shots of the food being made, the finished product up close and people enjoying the food. He gave a variety of shots and that’s what stood out most to me. The music and sound of people in the background caught my attention because it was loud and joyful and it made me want to go have a good time!

B.  The hero of the story was a general ‘hungover’ crowd and more specifically the person who woke up and looked in their refrigerator. I related to this person because I had been there before. For anyone not going to brunch to cure a hangover, he showed families and children in the video as well.

C. The conflict was Saturday night leaking into a Sunday morning. The hangover cure was brunch and he depicted that through images of happy people eating food.

D. He did not have as memorable of an ending as he could have. It was just information about the restaurant and he could have done much better.

E. I will definitely be using his idea of a large variety of shots for my story. He used them well and I feel my story would benefit in the same way.

2. The Fork Says Slow Down by David Frank and Kassie Bracken

A. I thought the use of an interview was really helpful because the product that they were featuring needed some explanation. I also liked how they showed the video from the fork’s point of view, while she was eating. I thought that was an effective way to portray the story.

B. The hero in the story was the woman who was trying to lose weight and figured out a different way to do that. The videographer made you care about them because you could tell how sincerely the woman in the video wanted to help others lose weight and be healthy as well.

C. The conflict was finding an easy way to lose weight. The woman battled this conflict by finding this cool fork that let you know when you were eating to fast.

D. The video ended by her laughing, which I thought added a great human element to the piece.

E. What I will take away from this piece is to use out-of-the-ordinary shots, such as putting the camera in a place where it looks like people almost may eat it.

3. Ernie the Sandwich Man by Eric Seals

A. I liked how in the very beginning before the video even started, he added a sound pop of Ernie talking. That really drew my attention toward the video. I also liked how there weren’t as many boring interview shots and there were plenty of actions shots of Ernie running the business. This video was very effective because it made me hungry.

B. The hero in the story is Ernie. He is the owner of Ernie’s Market. The videographer portrayed him as the sweetest man on Earth and this video makes me believe that whole-heartedly.

C. The conflict in the story may be other sandwich shops competition,but Ernie does not seem to mind about that and shows that he just wants to make people happy.

D.  Eric ended his video the same way he started, with a sound bit over the logo and I thought that was a good way to round up everything. I really liked all the quotes he got from different people an the amount of interviews he got.

E. I will take away interviewing as many people as possible if the situation allows me to. Having all those interviews, really brought the story to life.


That’s all I have for the critique! Check in soon for more yummy content!


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