Making Enchiladas the Five-shot sequence way!

Hello all!

This blog video is the process of making enchiladas, which were very tasty by the way  (and you’ll see that at the end). It was a lot of fun making this video because I got to see how Megan Barkdull makes her famous enchiladas that her family has been making for generations!

I also picked up a few tricks from her and made some of my own for the second batch! Hopefully everyone will think they are delicious!

Any problems that I had while filming this piece was just to get the right angles while still portraying what was going on in the process. If I expanded each segment and had a variety of shots and interviews, I could easily turn this into a package for a news station.

While reading Mark Brigg’s book, Journalism Next, it helped to go over the section on taking better photos (pg 147) and reference back to it when I was shooting. I tried to focus on on filling the frame and shooting action shots. Although these all referred to taking better still shots, it still helped to refer back to these when shooting this five-shot sequence because they are shorter takes.

Also while reading Poynter’s article by Casey Frechette called How Journalists can improve video stories with shot sequences, it said to take time to observe your setting before shooting. THAT WAS SO HELPFUL.

Making sure the washer and drawer was off because of the distracting background noise was super helpful. If I didn’t notice that before I started shooting, the video would have been awful.

Without all of these helpful tips my video would have been lacking.

Since everyone likes some good home cooking here’s the ingredients to make these enchiladas.

1. Cream Cheese

2. Small tortillas

3. Taco seasoning

4. Chicken cutlets

5. Enchilada sauce (can be found in any grocery store)

6. Shredded Mexican cheese mix


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