Top Five Best Home-cooking restaurants in Auburn and Opelika

Alabama is in the heart of the South. And the south means good southern cooking. With southern cooking in mind, every piece of cornbread reminds me of home, so I’m naturally drawn to eating at home-cooking style restaurants quite frequently.

1.  Panni-George’s Kitchen

I love love love this restaurant because of the variety of food they offer everyday. There are open during random hours during the week, but that is only because there is only one family that is running the entire restaurant. That is also another aspect I love about the restaurant. It makes me feel like home interacting with the friendly ladies behind the counter.

2. Cock of the Walk

This restaurant is in Opelika, so out of the way of the normal hustle and bustle of Auburn. I like this restaurant for that fact specifically. Arriving at the restaurant within the tall trees, takes me to a place away from the chaos of my day. Perfect eating environment. Also all the silver is metal, acting like all the utensils came from the early 1800s.

3. Good ol’ Boys

My friend told me about Good ol’ Boys and I made sure to go here at least once a month since then. It’s most famous for it’s cheap, but oh so delicious steaks. Great for a first date because you eat well, but you’ll get out only spending $22 for a dinner for two. Located in a field on Sandhill road, this restaurant is also in the middle of nowhere. I trend I’m recognizing is one of my favorite attributes about a restaurant.

4. Whispering Oaks

Whispering Oaks is located in one of the only renovated plantation homes left in Opelika, Ala. The charm of just the house itself is enough to attract hundreds of people from Auburn and Opelika to enjoy its brunch on Sunday morning. The home cooking is to die for, especially the cornbread. I recommend this place to anyone who’s homesick and looking for a filling meal.

5. Mike and Ed’s Bar-B-Q

I love barbecue, so I had to make sure to add a barbecue restaurant on this list. Although there are many great barbecue places in Auburn and Opelika, Mike and Ed’s is the cheapest and most convenient. Spending a quick, $5 for a pulled pork sandwich and drink on an Auburn football game day is so nice! The sandwich fills me up for the day and satisfies my barbecue needs! I recommend this place to anyone looking for a decent pulled pork sandwich.

Here is a map of where all my top five restaurants are located:

Each point of the map tells why I reccomened each restaurant and an interesting fact about it! I have listed them from best to less great, but I recommend that you try all of them if you get the chance. I would eat at all of them everyday if I was able to!


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