Behind the Scenes: Price’s Barbecue House

I chose this topic because I love to see how the food I love to eat is made. One of my favorite types of food is barbecue, so I figured the best video project would be to see how a local barbecue place makes their food.

I went to Price’s Barbecue House because they are famous for their breakfast, as well as their barbecue.

Some challenges I faced while shooting this footage was the timing of all the cooking. I couldn’t go during the day because it would have been inconvenient for the cooks to have a student filming what they’re doing. I would have gotten in their way too much, but that’s when all the barbecue is actually made.

I was able to get shots of them preparing the meat during breakfast time, so I can settle for that.

Some decisions I made while filming was to get more than one interview, so I could more easily portray how much people liked Price’s rather than just talking to the owner.

I was able to get lots of shots of bacon being made, as well as different types of egg dishes and grits.

If I were to do this project again,  I would probably use a lav mic when interviewing people because the background noise got to be a bit much when I was editing the film.

Some similar videos pertaining to my topic can be found below:

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